Know your rights when it comes to repairing your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

The job of the insurance company is to pay the bill, with your money.  All of the decisions are yours.  IT IS YOUR RIGHT!

These are some of the word tracks that are used by insurance companies to deceive consumers:

1. You will have to pay the repair if you go to that shop.  Insurance companies make this statement to intimidate you.  The insurance company has to pay all accident related repairs completed.

2. We won’t warranty the repair if you go to that shop.  Insurance companies do not repair vehicles therefore they cannot warranty the repairs; warranties are given by the shop performing the work.

3. We can’t give you a rental if you go to that shop. If you have rental coverage on your policy take advantage of it, it is your choice.  If you are claiming against someone else’s insurance they have to put you in a rental, it is the law.

4. The won’t agree with our appraiser. They do not repair vehicles and the shop is under no obligation to use their appraisal for repairs.  Their appraisal is simply an indication of how much monies they need to set in reserve to pay the claim.

5. We cannot work with that shop. This means that you are going to a shop that puts you the customer first!

6. They are not on our preferred list. Preferred shops of insurance companies are simply the shops that have signed agreements with their company and agreed to give them discounts.  Preferred has absolutely nothing to do with quality.  The insurance company is not qualified to judge on repair quality, they do not repair vehicles.

7. If you go to a shop not on our list your repairs will be delayed waiting for our adjuster to inspect the vehicle. By law the policy holder is required to give the insurance company reasonable time to view the damage. In most states, 24 hours is reasonable time. A shop has no requirements to wait on the insurance company. Repairs may begin when the shop is ready and the owner has authorized repairs.

Why should I use The Chip Magician versus a traditional auto body shop?

Three simple reasons: quality, convenience, and price.  Our highly skilled technicians use the best quality products to achieve repairs that will exceed your expectations.   Most repairs are same day service thus eliminating costly car rental charges as well as free, no obligation shop, online, or onsite estimates.  Many of our repairs cost less than your insurance deductible and up to 50% off of a traditional auto body shop estimate.

How can I be sure that The Chip Magician is a reputable facility to work on my car?

The Chip Magician is a proud accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and we have been given many generous testimonials of satisfied customers of the years.  We give a lifetime warranty on all our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.  We are fully licensed, insured, and qualified to work on all makes and models.  A large portion of our business come by way of referrals and repeat customers who call on us time and time again.

Do you handle insurance claims?

Yes we work with all major insurance carriers.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

It depends on what service you need.  Our paintless dent removal process can take only a matter of hours, while most bumper repairs are same day service.  Our goal to return a vehicle needing more traditional auto body services is 2-3 business day.  We make every effort possible to return your car back to you in pre-accident condition that saves you your valuable time and money.

I am turning my car in off of lease.  What can you do to help me avoid costly charges due to the condition of my car?

We offer a free, lease return inspection which consists of a complete inside and out assestment of your vehicle’s condition just as the leasing company will perform when returning the vehicle.  Our facility can completely recondition your lease turn in at one convenient location saving you time and money.  The average is charged more than $1800 when returning their vehicles – often for minor dings, scrapes, and interior damage.  Making these repairs in advance will save you hundreds of dollars and ensure a smooth lease turn in process.  (Note:  You should schedule this service a minimum of 4 weeks before the return of your leased vehicle).